9 Common Mistakes in Kitchen Renovation Websites That Will Hurt Your Bottom Line


Think your website is not necessary?


That it’s just an online brochure and shows potential clients how to get in touch?


Setup properly and (with a steady flow of targeted traffic) your website could generate you more inquiries in the next 30 days then you could possibly handle


Think of your website as your 24 hour 7 day a week sales person


All ways ready to show case your work and answer any questions


Not only that but a well planned out lead generation website can help you warm cold traffic to the the point of purchase.


What IS a well planned out website?


Basically A website strategically designed to turn your visitors into customers



The Buyers Journey



In our industry only 3% of website visitors are at the Decision stage of the buyers journey – At the point of making the big decision to purchase a new kitchen and shopping around for a company to step in and do it.


Most visitors will fall in to one of two categories


Awareness: Landing at your website without realizing they had a problem with their current kitchen.

Consideration: Aware they want a new kitchen and are looking at the options available.   Perhaps are now considering whether to remodel their existing kitchen or easier (time and financially) to move house entirely.




To do this we want to not only offer the option of a ‘Free consultation’ but also collect leads that we can nurture


Warming them up over the duration of their buyers journey until they become hot enough to walk into our office and sign


Lead Generation


\We will do this by using landing pages with the core focus of lead generation


To lead generation landing page is designed with a pretty specific purpose:


To get personal info about a certain client/prospect.


What type of info?


Ideally we want as much as possible


But as at a minimum we want the user’s email address and name


So what does this look like?


From our experience helping businesses with their online marketing in the Kitchen Renovation space it actually turns out that ALL successful businesses incorporate a number of common features.


Where overlooked these often fairly simple mistakes can really impact the business’ growth


Whilst their competition benefits!


In this guide we will take a look at some of the most common problems we see with our client’s sites.


I’ll let you into a SECRET,   EVERYTHING in this guide can be QUICKLY remedied by yourself or your Webmaster at little or NO COST.   Free Bonus: High Converting Contractor Website Cheatsheet


This journey all starts with the landing page


This is the first page a visitor will see after arriving at your website from whatever traffic source – organically in the search engine results, paid advert in Google or Facebook etc


The Landing Page



First impressions count  


OK lets jump into it:


Its 2018 and, a potential customer will assess you (and your competitors) based on the quality of your website


Way before they even begin to assess you or your team on a personal level


Its not only important that you understand the needs, wants and desires of your ideal clients consumers


but you also need to readily display that you do.


You need instantly display they are in the right place!


We need to do this by leveraging some important features “above the fold” on our landing pages


Let me show you:


But first things first…..


What is the FOLD?

“The fold” is an old fashioned printing term


Above the fold is the upper half of the front page of a newspaper  where an important news story was place for maximum attention


This applies directly to websites in 2018 but here it is the area that on the screen the second a visitor lands on our website   BEFORE they scroll down or click any links


ALL important information MUST be positioned above the fold in order to immediately engage with the visitor,


Let them know they are in the right place


And distinguish your business from the competition.


Nielsen Norman Group concluded that, “84% is the average difference in how users treat info above vs. below the fold. Huge. Believe in the fold”


SO what SHOULD be ‘Above the Fold’?


Here a great summary of the anatomy of a successful landing page design borrowed from Unbounce.com

The 5 Components:

1.The Value proposition – Unique Selling Point (USP)


Who are you and how are you different?


What is your business offering?


The USP can further be broken down into 4 components throughout your web page:


1.Main Headline


This should be the very first thing a visitor sees, should match what they clicked originally to get to the site (the Google search result, Facebook Ad etc) clearly describe what is on offer and confirm they have come to the correct place.


2.Supporting Sub Headline


Used to support the headline’s message or simply to keep the site looking neat by breaking the headline up


It is vital the purpose of your page is clear from the Main & Sub- Headline alone!


3.Reinforcing Statement


Although appearing below the fold;


it is good practice to include a further statement supporting your company’s USP and good practice to highlight another key benefit


4.Closing Argument


At the bottom of our landing pages we will take one last opportunity to communicate your companies USP and benefit.


This is powerful when combined with your ‘Call to Action’.


From www.thelandingpagecourse.com “A great way to identify whether your USP is clear enough, try a 5-second test. This is where you present test subjects (people) with your landing page for 5 seconds, then hide it from view. At this point you ask the test subject to explain what the page is about. Refine your USP until people are consistently getting it right.”  


2.The ‘Hero Shot’


In the Kitchen Remodeling space there is NO REASON NOT TO include some beautiful imagery or video of a beautifully finished kitchen


Take the opportunity here to really showcase what your clients will go on to happily part with some serious money to enjoy!


The Hero Shot should make your finished kitchens not only desirable but immediately stand out from your competition


Overlaid with the heading and sub-heading should deliver a clear message why they need look no further than your company when making the decision to remodel their kitchen


The hero shot should dominate the page above the fold.


TAKEWAY –   ‘Context of Use’    People like to buy from people.


Websites convert A LOT better when they display the business owner(s) or staff


You can leverage this easily by including a picture or video of yourself or staff in action


Adding a personal introduction or quote


Will REALLY make your business stand out over the competition.


3.Benefit Statements & Feature descriptions


Features Tell, but Benefits Sell


Here we will address the wants & needs of the visitor or ‘Pain Points:


EXAMPLE   A homeowner just can’t stand their current kitchen anymore   .


Features (of a Kitchen in your catalogue):

  • Movable workstation.
  • Organized drawers.
  • Pot and pan (and lid) organization.
  • Pullout corner storage.
  • Dedicated appliance storage
  • Surfaces finished in granite
  • Our kitchens come with a free 25 year guarantee


Benefits (of the Kitchen)

  • Add value to your home
  • More space
  • More convenience



Benefit Statement could be:       


‘Are you fed up with your worn out old kitchen? Frustrated and inconvenience by lack of space and pay layout:   Get your dream kitchen. Delivering on design without compromising on practicality, a kitchen from the SBOM group collection will instantly up-date any home and add masses of aesthetic appeal for many years to come


But wait there’s more:


Once the pain points have clearly been identified and remedied with the benefits of service


You should then expand on these with descriptions of the features.


Simply Stated:


The benefits describe how the pain points are solved.


The features are how it does so.


Use images here to demonstrate and then clearly describe in text what it is your company provides.


4.Social Proof


Its a fact that people are more likely to buy, sign up or subscribe if they know other people have before them.


You see:


Almost everyone is scared of being tricked, ripped off or looking foolish.


Until they know they are not the first people may be hesitant to do business with your company or even join your list.


One of the main reason reasons reviews are so popular is that by following (even a strangers) recommendation people feel from the responsibility of making a decision…


And with it removed from the gravity of a bad making a bad one.


So how can we leverage this?


There are a number of ways:


We can state number of sales or signups in or headings


We can use personal testimonials from customers


Bonus points for using a photo of the referrer


5.The ‘Call to Action’

Now the most important part:


Your whole land page (and pretty much every page on your website)


Website should be serve one engineered purpose


And be geared towards one event


In this example we are discussing lead generation – collecting leads information by a lead form (most likely in exchange for a lead magnet – more about that HERE)


The ‘Call to action’ will result in the conversion goal – Collecting the lead


That will drive your business.


The call to action marks the point between conversion


Or the if we fail to offer enough value and build enough trust;  ‘bounce’ – where a visitor leaves the site   potentially never to return!


We need to fine tune our call to action


Which will consist of two elements:


Copy – Copy should answer two questions:


Where should I click?  


Why should I fill out this information / click this button?


These two elements of the Call to Action are an art AND science in themselves


Each worthy of an article of their own.


But here’s a VERY basic over-view though:




All about attract the attention of website visitor – Colour, size, shape  and location are all used to make the button ‘’Pop” To attract the visitor’s attention 


Obviously the bigger, brighter and more prominent the better


AND of course this should be above the fold   The more attention this gets the more people will take action.




Button text – We’ve all seen buttons that say  ‘Submit’


But who would want to do that – Submit’??  – Just don’t use this


Best practice is instead to answer the question ‘what do I want here?’


and so a better example would be for the button to read:


‘Download my FREE Guide ’ or ‘Send me my discount voucher’


The surrounding copy should highlight the ease of the process and remove any objections before they arise;


‘Get started quickly’ ,   ‘Open your new account in less than 60 seconds’ etc   ‘We will not share or sell your information’


There subject is covered in a lot more depth at Smashing Magazine in a  great article


Any action a visitor can take;


ANY click,


should move them further down the sales funnel 


We shouldn’t give a visitor to the page ANY reason OR option to leave


Remove the navigation completely if possible


or move the navigation footer to display links to pages with further information on the benefits, features, testimonials, case studies etc


It then goes without saying that the conversion goal’s Call to Action should be displayed at any end destination – so if a visitor leaves our landing page to do there own research on our site the other pages all carry our call to action


Another good idea with landing pages is to move Social Media links and Share buttons beneath the fold


Better still removing them completely from the Home / Landing page – the last thing we want to do is move a prospect over to Facebook and lose their attention!


What about people that click ‘back’ or ‘close’ on the window?


We like to use a pop up shown on ‘exit intent’ so that anyone trying to leave will get one more chance to leave their details so we can help them


The 9 common weaknesses that may be costing you business



Now we have discussed the basic elements of a high converting website


Lets have a look at some common mistakes that we see time and time again with Kitchen renovation contractor’s websites


With some live examples


Again, these are just basic online marketing mistakes that with this information are easily avoided but VERY simple, EASY & CHEAP to  correct


That being said


Left unattended these WILL damage your conversion rate


So all the hard work you’ve done (and you’ve spent/ are spending) is going to waste




You will be losing business to your competition that aren’t making these mistakes


And I’m sure theres no need to state this but you this will harm your bottom line  


Please read on:


Contact details


It may surprise you that we get contacted time and time again by businesses perplexed as to why despite getting traffic to their website they are not converting any to sales


Only for use to go in and discover there contact details are missing, incorrect or poorly displayed


These like the call to action should be clearly displayed above the fold


EVERYTHING a prospect needs to do business with you should as we discussed earlier be served up to them immediately as they land on your page


We will go on to discuss mobile optimisation and ‘clickable telephone numbers’ later but at this stage it is so important to note that anyone on any device CAN EASILY contact you without having to navigate to another page or even scroll down.


This can not be overstated


A clear number with international dialing code is an absolute MINIMUM


We like our clients to also include an email address but the more information you can give the better.


EXAMPLE – http://selectkitchenbath.com



This is a really nice looking site but there are NO contact details until you scroll waaayyyy down the page.   AND even then its a very small and weak call to action



Although there IS a ‘contact us’ tab it is also incorrectly set up and links no where


If you click the link nothing happens



Call to Action



Every page of every website should have a purpose and an action they want the visitor to take


We discussed this earlier in more detail but a ‘Call to Action’  for potential Kitchen Renovation clients should for in most case for them to complete a lead generation form in exchange for some free content they will value (more about that HERE)


For the small percentage of people visiting your website that are ready to hire a company like yours for a new kitchen you should include a call to action for them to “call now” or complete a booking form for a consultation


These should be clearly displayed and available on EVERY screen and tailored to sort the audience


EXAMPLE: http://www.thekitchendesigncenter.com/


See if you can find what action they want you take in the home page example below



Heres a better example: http://www.donerighthomeremodelingca.com/



On the home page alone they have




2. Call Us Today



3. Finance Projects with Low, Fixed Monthly Payments – CLICK HERE NOW



And again





This is much better could be improved with lead magnet for people earlier in buying process as discussed HERE


Contact Forms



Following on from what we discussed so far


We wanna see our contact/lead gen/booking forms above the fold


If you are reading this I will assume your business is in the kitchen renovation space   or similar,


and so the price of your services will start at a few thousand dollars at the very least


It is safe to say then that we are far removed from the realm of impulse buys!


The behaviour and psychological factors that will form the basis for a sale in this price range must be considered in your sales funnel and process.


As discussed earlier we would look to capture there details in exchange for a good lead magnet


We would then look to build a relationship with them over time by adding them to an email list where we would continue sending them valuable information

As well as sending some promotional information – in small doses


Time lapse videos of a renovation

Before and After collages


Invitations to show rooms


It is said that in marketing it’s necessary to engage with a prospect between 5 and 7 times – these “points of contact” are necessary to transform a visitor to a customer


In our industry for prospects in the consideration stage of the buyer journey – which may last several months – the initial visit to your site marks ‘point 1’


The next 4 to 6 points would be made (in most cases) through email marketing


By delivering them valuable content through regular emails you will begin to build a conversation


Earning their trust and moving yourself from being seen as stranger through to becoming the welcomed guest and ultimately winning their business over your competitors whose website they will also likely have visited during their buyer journey


It goes without saying of course that you should send just enough emails to stay top of their mind


BUT NOT not drive them away by ‘spamming’ them with a never-ending bombardment of  ‘Special Offers and self promotion!


EXAMPLE: https://greenworks-construction.com


Very few people want any more emails and newsletters are a VERY low converting ‘offer’ in exchange for some ones contact details



Offering a lead magnet with a high perceived value is a much better way to begin a conversation with a potential client


EXAMPLE: https://fioriholdings.clickfunnels.com



This speaks with people earlier on in the buying process


When some one completes the form then offers them a FREE  quote once they have the potential client some information and have began to build a digital relationship



Mobile Friendly  



Its 2018 and most people are now most likely to visit your site using a mobile device – hopefully by now your website IS mobile friendly


Its essential that people can use your website easily using a mobile device  


EXAMPLE: http://meldyrenovation.ca/index.html



Nothing more needs to be said here


Check your site here with – Google Web Developers Tool CLICK HERE




Click to Call




Going hand in hand with being ‘Mobile Friendly’ another VITAL element of ALL websites is a ‘click to call’ button.


This is often missed out but is a really simple addition


Visitors that access the mobile site will expect to be able to contact you at the touch of a button


There is NO NEED to be forced to navigate through the site or ‘copy and pasting’ any information in order to speak with you


You should provide this facility clearly on EVERY page


EXAMPLE: www.woodhavenrenovations.com



Here’s one of many examples we found of sites not using this easily to install function


EXAMPLE: www.macreno.com



This is better


You can see that anyone now coming across the website can on their mobile can get in touch with you easily before they lose interest or click back and head to a competitor


EXAMPLE: Our site!


The ‘Call Now’ button is EXTREMELY easy to add


In fact if you are using wordpress we would happily install this for you AT NOW COST 


Just press ‘Call Now’ if you’re using your mobile to read this or email help@kitchenrenovationmarketing.com


We’ll be happy to help

Responsive Website



Having a responsible website design is included in Google’s some 200+ ranking factors based on user experience.


Websites that are not correctly displayed on whatever device the site is accessed them be it desktop, tablet or smart phone are not only annoying


EXAMPLE: http://meldyrenovation.ca/index.html



This website is not responsive so when viewed on a mobile device or smaller screen the user has to zoom in and out and scroll from side to side


But in 2018, where there is NO excuse for them not to simply end up with the potential prospect leaving


Potentially ending up at your competitors site


Fortunately most sites built within the last few years will have this as a standard feature   Check it with this Chrome Plugin –Responsive Web Design Tester

Page Load Speed


Page speed is another vital part of a good website


When was the last time you waited more than 2 seconds for a website to load?


The current statistic is that anything over 2 seconds causes people to click  back


And into the arms of your client with fast loading website


But seriously it has been proven that the ‘bounce rate’ increases directly with page load speed.


A fast site results in a  good user experience and will not only lead to higher conversions but is also included in Google’s ranking factors


EXAMPLE: http://www.aplushomeimprovements.com



Check your site here with – Pingdom page load tool



See Google’s tools for more details of what causing the delayed loading speed – Google Web Developers Tool



Your target is sub 2 seconds!


ANY slower than that and a high percentage of people WILL NOT wait and LEAVE – you NEED to get this addressed


Facebook Pixel & Google Tags



You must have BOTH of these


We have discussed the importance of using a lead generation form and email capture to allow us to email market to prospects that aren’t yet ready to buy


In order to  building report over 6 or 7 touch points over the following months


To earn there trust and get them to know like and trust us


A pixel or tag is a snippet of code that you embed in your website and allows you to capture your site’s visitors IP address


An IP address in the simplest terms is like a ID number for each user on the internet


This creates essentially a list of contacts WITHOUT being forced to ask for permission or having to bribe them to get it!


Once we have this information we can eerily target (or retarget them as this method is referred to) using  Facebook or Google Ads


We can serve them VERY personalized – almost spooky ads – carrying a message that we know they visited our site but did not take action


We can send them back to the page they bounced from or better still to another softer offer or special discount page to try and push them over that tipping point


Facebook also allows us to use this data and its incredibly complex algorithm to create ‘lookalike audiences’ of people who it calculates are such a close match that they are likely to respond to your ads in the same way


EXAMPLE: http://kitchenexperts.com



This example is not ONLY missing the Google Retargeting tag but also looks like Google Analytics


Google Analytics is a free web analytics service offered by Google that tracks and reports website traffic.


In it, you can see such things as audience (e.g., the number of visitors, page views, session duration), acquisition (e.g., organic search, email, social), behavior (e.g., popular pages, site speed), and conversions (from such things as e-commerce or AdWords).



It is also missing the Facebook pixel


These are ALL easily implemented – you can use this guide HERE 

OR if you have any trouble please just give us a quick call on +44 (0) 203 2890654 or message us here and we will be pleased to guide you through it


Scroll Up Button

 Another factor that will improve user experience, reduce the ‘bounce rate’ and lead to a higher conversion rate is the application of a scroll up function.


A scroll up function is a simply a floating button that remains visible on your screen no matter how far you have scrolled down that with a single click will return you to the top of the page where the visitor is likely to find your contact information.


EXAMPLE: http://kitchensinc.ca/



When you scroll down:





But it’s too late now…..I’ve just had a new site built


No its NOT!


These small changes and/or additions can be made very easily and cheaply


We would be more than happy to take a look at your site and in most cases implement one or more of these changes for you for FREE :



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