Get Leads On Auto-Pilot With Autoresponders for Kitchen Renovation Companies


Kitchen Renovation companies that rely only on website visitors looking to book or consultation to buy today are ignoring 97% of website visitors that may go on to become buyers later.


In this article we will show how you can build a relationship with the 97% and never again have to worry about competing on price for the 3 – 5 % of people looking to buy today on websites like Houzz


In our post “More Leads From Your Website Today” we discussed using Lead Magnets to earn the email addresses of your website’s visitors AND permission to contact them.


As we discussed 95 to 97% of people visiting your website are likely at the research stage of the buying process when they visit your website.


The lead magnet gives us a way to start building a relationship with these people


And gives you the opportunity to frame the buying decision.


What do we do after we collect the prospect’s information and send them the lead magnet?


You follow up


Lead nurturing



Now we can build a series of follow-up emails designed specifically to provide value to your prospects in the research mode.


To get them to know, like and trust you.


We use a system that will nurture the lead and walk them through the buyer’s process


Awareness – Consideration – Decision



Up to the point they make the decision to purchase that new kitchen – from your company!


What can you do to give them value?


We want to answer any questions they may have about the process and showcase your team and previous work


During the series of emails we can:


– Introduce one of your designers and highlight their recent work

– Show what to expect during demolition – along with a time lapse video of your team completing a kitchen

– Show a Video of the design process & the steps


Educating the lead



To establish your company the authority in your market we want to take the role of the ‘trusted advisor’


To do this we will educate the lead during these emails.


We want to send them to content around the sort of things they would be searching online for and educate on them on topics like:


– How much they should paying

– How to get the best quality installation,

– What finance options are available

– What to expect at each stage of the process from design, prep, demo, install to final inspection


And so on…


By doing this we are positioning and leading your new prospects in the research mode, to become future clients of your business.


Your company has now been positioned as a trusted adviser. They will recognize your design team, your sales team, and be familiar with your work.


Buyers that know, like and trust a company are 95% more likely to buy from them.


When they get to the point where they’re ready to buy – price is not their only consideration.


Digital salesman 



So how do you connect with EVERYONE so you can keep them engaged?


People will reach their comfort level at different intervals so your follow-up sequence becomes a patient salesperson educating your prospects


Sounds like a lot of work to keep track of right?


This is the best part


This whole process can be set up to run on autopilot.


Once we have crafted each email that will make the touch points we can set up an ‘auto-responder’.


An autoresponder is a piece of software that once you have created an uploaded a series of emails


Will deliver them at pre-determined intervals.


We will set the process to begin when someone subscribes to your email list by accepting our lead magnet


The emails will continue to go on as long as you set them up for automatically


When the prospect becomes a buyer you can remove them from the list or add them to another list where you can offer more value


For example, follow up guides to taking care of the kitchen etc


With the aim of continuing a good customer relationship


In doing so earning good online reviews, testimonials, word of mouth recommendations and perhaps even future work


The next step


You can now take this and go build your lead magnet, and set it up so visitors to your site can sign up for it.


This will allow you to capture more leads from your existing traffic.


Once this is connected to your choice of autoresponder


You can build out your emails and automatic follow-up sequence


And go from being an unknown kitchen renovation company to someone they feel they know, like and trust.


Converting prospects into buyers all on auto-pilot

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