Want the EXACT System That Generated 1126 Inquiries & As A Result Over 200 New Contracts For Our Clients Last Month?


In this article I’m gonna lift the lid on EXACTLY how you can get 40 – 50 contractor leads EVERY month without door knocking, telemarketing or buying the same leads as your competitors from the big brokers like HomeAdvisor


Follow these steps to the letter and I promise it WILL make a big impact on your business.


And get YOU results like this:



Your phone will be ringing off the hook!


I’m putting this article together after having just turned around a client’s business in just two months who came to me for help with his marketing and realised how many contractors this system would help.


Like my client, too many contractors are completely dependent on outside forces like word of mouth marketing and referrals for ALL of their new business


They’ve never built a system that will generate new business…


Automatically, 24/7, 365 days a year


…Going back to my client


whilst relying on these external factors wasn’t a problem until fairly recently 


this become a MAJOR source of anxiety when his main referral partner retired, shutting shop out of the blue and pretty much overnight!


Since then my client had tried pretty much every single type of lead generation method you can think of


and may have tried yourself:


Canvassing door to door, telemarketing, direct mail, local television, trade shows and radio and worst of all lead brokers like HomeAdvisor that sold him the same crappy leads that had already been sold to his competition…


they weren’t familiar with his brand


AND perhaps worst still; weren’t even interested in the services he provides!


Like most of the new clients that come to us, he had tried some online marketing in-house with little success


And had even hired an SEO agency and even tried to handle their marketing in-house


He was trying everything, looking for a silver bullet but was putting too much hope in the latest tactics


Instead of having a clear strategy



A Customer Acquisition System


Within 2 months of his joining us you can see we have 5X’d the number of inquiries this client were getting as can be seen here in their Google analytics dashboard:



Today I will give our strategy in this simple guide to setting up your own customer acquisition system.


Our Marketing System is perfect for all contractors who want more jobs this month, this week… maybe even today


We call it the CLG SystemTM




What is it in a nutshell?


It may look confusing now but we will break it down and explain each component.


The CLG SystemTM is a customer acquisition system that will consistently generate new customers for your business



The biggest benefit of having a customer acquisition system is the consistency it brings to your business


Instead of having no choice but to rely on factors outside of your control our system is guaranteed to produce results every month.


You can now consistently predict how many leads you will get each month and from experience accurately gauge how many will become new clients


Think what this would mean for your business:


If you consistently generate 40-50 new leads a month and convert 10-15 of these to new customers


AND can now make reliable projections 6 months ahead.


Even with slow paying customers, something you may not have a lot of control over, a reliable system will allow you to predict revenue in advance


If you can accurately predict revenue you can grow your business without the fear of maxing out your resources.



Sound great BUT does it ACTUALLY work?


As you can see this client in our example received 127 hot qualified leads in the first 2 months with 22 happy new customers (so far at the time of writing) as a result


AND the best part…


These numbers aren’t uncommon, as you can see here



So today I’m going to show you EXACTLY how to set up a proven customer acquisition system


And how you can feed that system to skyrocket your return on the investment with a reliable and consistent stream of new qualified leads


Every. Single. Month.


I’m sure you can already see this will make a MASSIVE impact on your business


The goal of this article is at the end you can follow the steps, take the ideas and strategies you’ve learned and apply them yourself.


OK, so lets get into it


Setting Up Your Customer Acquisition System



Our system is based around two main principles:


1. Attracting and getting the attention of your ideal customer at the point of actively looking for your services

2. Helping them make the best decision they’ll make this year; to contact you, over your competition. And making it as easy as possible to do so.


So, how can we find and attract our ideal customer whose ready to hire us?



What if there was a marketing channel that can get you inbound phone calls within 24 hours of setting up a campaign from people actively searching Google for a contractor, offering YOUR services in YOUR city?


Google’s Adwords offers EXACTLY this…  IF done correctly





Attracting Our Ideal Client With Google Adwords


Is Google Adwords for me?


It depends.


If you live in a city that has less than 200,000 people than they’re might not be enough search volume.


If you are a niche contractor then there just might not be enough people looking for your services.


You should also ONLY consider using Adwords if:

  • You have can handle ALL the inbound calls
  • You can and will return ALL missed calls promptly
  • In more competitive markets and big-ticket services like kitchen, bath or home remodeling you have AT LEAST a few thousand dollars to spend EVERY month on adverts


So why Adwords?


AdWords allows us to get it instantly and get in front of thousands of prospects that are looking for services in your city.


Right when they are looking to hire a contractor like YOU


There are literally thousands of people looking for your services


People that need a contractor that can solve their problem will enter just that into Google as a “keyword”

What are Keywords?

‘Keywords’, ‘Key Search Terms’ or ‘Search Queries’ are what a person types into Google to search a topic or find a service provider.


Google will then display its results with 3 different types of result.


The top three places are usually reserved for the ads


For [keyword + city] searches the next area is for map results


and then follows the top 10 organic results (the position an SEO will shift your website into)


This is how the results usually look:



Understanding Keyword Intent


There are three types of search query:


Informational – searches performed to answer questions or learn something
Navigational – searches performed to locate a specific website
Transactional – searches performed to buy something


Somebody with a leaking roof in Dallas will search something transactional like:



You then bid (against your competitors) on this Keysearch to get your advert displayed in the search results


I’m sure you can see this represents someone looking for your services in your are right now.


Taking advantage of Adwords allows you to Instantly target these interested buyers looking for your services right NOW


To show just how powerful AdWords is


85% of people use the internet to find local businesses


75% of people who find local helpful information are much more likely to do business with that company that offers it


For all commercial intent searches paid advertising gets 65% of click


And PPC visitors are 50% more likely to purchase something than organic visitors.


The biggest companies in the contracting space know this and spend millions on Adwords



Heres a snap shot of HomeAdvisors spend last month alone!


I’m sure you can see the huge opportunity that Adwords represents over the alternatives like relying on word-of-mouth marketing, referrals, telemarketing and going door to door


Tried it before?


So by now some of you might be saying


“I’ve tried Adwords and it didn’t work”


Unfortunately Adwords, although being very powerful, can also be a huge money drain if not set up correctly


Lets take a quick look at some common Mistakes so we don’t make them ourselves




Common Mistakes Contractors Make When Using Adwords



#1 Message match


Advert says: “Get a Free Quote” & “Simple Financing Available”



Landing Page: Has NO mention of either



We see so many that make this mistake like the example above.


Poor message match not only causes unnecessary friction between initial search inquiry and contact


Somebody clicking an advert that promises a ‘Free quote’ only to then arrive at a page with no mention of it will cause the visitor to become frustrated


‘click back’ – (click the back button),


And then possibly head straight into the arms of your competition


This will also lead to you being penalized by Google with a lower Adwords “quality score”


this leads to low click-through rates, high cost per leads, poor conversions


AND means your advert might not even show up in the Google search results as your competitions ads out rank you.


Not only that


But if you’re not giving the information they want it makes it harder for them to trust you as they will feel like they have been tricked



#2 Not carefully selecting keywords with high commercial intent


These are the ‘transactional’ keywords with the highest commercial intent, literally looking to “buy now”


Although the most expensive if you aren’t bidding on these your competition are and will be picking off this low hanging fruit.


#3 Sending traffic to a homepage


The home page of a website is really just supposed to act as your business card or portfolio


A bespoke landing page setup per keyword and for a specific action will not only satisfy point #1 ‘message match’ but will also smoothly convert the visitor to a lead or customer.


Clear Calls To Action (CTAs) and no distractions or exit options lead to increased conversion rate, cheaper cost per acquisition and higher quality score will equal cheaper ads and higher click through rate.


OK so how do we setup a successful Adwords campaign?


I’m going to show you the FOUR most important things to consider in order to setup a successful Adwords campaign


1.Keyword Research

2. The Adverts

3.The Landing Page

4.The Offer


(I will assume you know how to work inside the Adwords dashboard or will follow a guide on YouTube to set up a basic campaign)


1. Keyword Research


This is arguably the most important part as targeting Adwords with no buyer intent, with no volume or that are too expensive will doom your campaign to failure before you even start.


How do we find these?


For this we are going to use Adwords own keyword tool


“The keyword tool acts much like a thesaurus. You enter in phrases you think your prospects are searching, and Google tells you other similar, relevant phrases. Google also will tell you how often people search these phrases, how competitive the keywords are in AdWords, and how much it’ll cost to advertise on each keyword. All of this information will help you determine which keywords you want to use in your first campaign.”

Courtesy Of Neil Patel https://neilpatel.com/blog/profitable-google-adwords-campaign


Click this link to get into it 




Choose “Find Keywords”



And beginning searching the sort of terms somebody would most likely enter in to Google if they were looking to hire you




Start off by selecting the area you want to advertise in for this example I chose Dallas, TX




You can now look at the results choose keywords and get ideas for other searches



There are three questions you’re going to ask to determine whether or not to advertise on a particular keyword:


  1. Is the keyword searched in Google?


If there is no search volume for your service or niche in your service area then this tells you no one is typing that phrase into Google


And there is no point in advertising on keywords no one is searching.


  1. Is the person searching this keyword looking to hire my services?


Or are they just doing research with no intention of making a purchase?


We want to hire keywords showing buyer intent like:


[service] near me

[niche] Contractor near me

[niche] [city]

Contractor in [city]


Replace [service], [niche] and [city] with your details



  1. Can I afford to advertise on the keyword?


This question is also very important, but it requires a bit of math to calculate.


Look at the CPC in the results you get for the keysearch


Now you need to use this formula


Use the formula below to calculate your Max CPC you can afford and compare that with the estimated CPC you found above:


Max CPC = (profit per customer) x (1 – profit margin) x (website conversion rate)


For example, let’s say your average profit per customer is $1000 and out of 1000 website visitors you convert 10 into customers.


That means you have a 1% website conversion rate. If you are comfortable with a 30% profit margin, then here’s how you would calculate your Max CPC:


Max CPC = $1000 x (1 – 0.30) x 1% = $7


Again, your Max CPC must be in the neighborhood of the estimated CPC in Google’s Keyword Tool or else you’re in trouble!


If this is a new campaign and you don’t yet have any statistic industry standard for landing page conversion rate in on average 2 – 3% so use 1% to be safe.


Are you starting to see how easy it is to make mistakes and why Adwords campaigns fail?


Once we have selected our keysearch terms you’ll need to setup your Adgroups


One of the biggest mistakes is bidding 10-20 keywords in a single ad group as ACTUALLY recommended by Google themselves!


You should also ignore Google’s recommended keywords that “broadly match” your target.


These keywords add unnecessary expense and may send you untargeted traffic without buyer intent


It’s best keeping Ad Groups small and narrowly defined as you’ll see later when we discuss where we are sending that traffic to


ONLY use “phrase match” and “exact match” when setting up your bids.


OK with that sorted let’s move on to the advert it self


2. The Adverts


You can use this template that converts well


Adwords Ad Template 

Headline 1: Include your keyword

Headline 2: Features and Benefits

Description: Features and Benefits + CTA

Display URL: Include your keywords




See an example of how that looks here for the keyword “Roofing Contractor”


And CTA “Call To Get Started”



Use Negative Keywords


How do you make sure that your ads are not targeting tire kickers and time wasters?


By using negative keywords.


These will stop your advert being displayed when a phrase that includes your targeted keyword is entered into Google


You can exclude people that are tire kickers or searches that are not related to what you offer For example, these terms may trigger your adverts for {Your Keysearch Term]

Industrial {Your Keysearch Term]  – if you only offer residential

Commercial {Your Keysearch Term]

{Your Keysearch Term] Jobs

{Your Keysearch Term] Pictures

{Your Keysearch Term] Books


So we can add “industrial”, “commercial”, “jobs” etc as negative keywords


With all our adverts setup now, where are we gonna send all this traffic to? 


3. The Landing Page


Once you have that done we need to set up a high converting landing page


Contracting business owners literally waste millions of dollars every single day because they make this one mistake:


Not sending traffic to a bespoke landing page


to expand on this, it is also critical to a campaign success we create a specific landing page for each keyword.


Remember when we discussed Adgroups we said how important it is to be very specific with our keywords


Once we have decided on the keyword we want to create a landing page around them


The core principles of a landing page that will perform well with adwords are


1) Attention Ratio


Attention Ratio is the ratio of the number of actions you can choose to take from on the landing page versus the number of actions you should take.


When talking about paid advertising campaigns, you should only have a single goal for each campaign


And so Attention Ratio should be 1:1.


Numerous exit options (links to other pages) and multiple CTAs will only act as distractions


2) Message Matching


Message Matching is all about having a smooth transition from the advert somebody clicks to the end goal they are looking for.


From the keyword to the advert to the landing page the same keyword is repeated.


This is done by using headlines that closely match the headline or call to action of the advert that was clicked

We discussed the negative effects this will have if ignored earlier.


Here’s a VERY basic example I made to demonstrate this




“Landscaping Company London”





Landing Page:



The copy & calls to action should also closely match that of the advert


The landing page must be conversion-focused design and written with benefit-driven copy around the keysearch terms


And should answer:


What’s in it for them?


What problem are you solving for them? And how we are gonna solve it


The design should also include:


  1. Message matching headline & benefit statements
  2. You should clearly demonstrate your services final finish, or your team in action in a hero shot or video
  3. Buttons & CTAs that stand out
  4. Ignore this – Everything shown here should be above the fold
  5. Case study
  6. Social Proof from testimonials
  7. “As seen in/on”, professional body memberships, guarantees etc to help push conversions.


How do you create a landing?


There are so many options available these days


You can use your current web developer and give him our template, there are WordPress funnel builders like Divi or Thrive themes, you can use any one of the drag and drop landing page builders available – just Google “Sales Funnel”


Our personal choice is Click Funnels which is easy to use and has many features


You can get a 14-day free trial if you use this link:


Click Funnels Free 14 Day Trial Pages


With over 60% of people searching on mobile your website should also be mobile friendly with a “push to call button” fixed at the top or bottom of the screen



Pushing the green “Call Now” on this website will instantly dial through to this company.


Whilst we’re on this subject we’ll look at the number one thing that makes or breaks any marketing campaign


4. The Offer


I’m going to show you how to craft an offer that your prospect simply can not refuse.


You need something that will separate you from every other contractor in the city


and get people to call YOU then and there, without leaving your website to shop around with your competition


You should take some time to craft a good offer.


The perfect offer will not only be superior to your competition but also make it a no-brainer to choose you


You’ll no doubt not only be competing against other contractors in your city,


but with them, you’re also be competing against the do it your-selfers and suppliers like Lowe’s, Home Depot etc


Your offer should be seen to be superior to both the direct and indirect competitors


You should study what your competitors are doing and find out what’s working


You can do this typing your key search terms into Google and see what’s coming up in your area



Look at the same keysearch terms in other areas


Or even look at websites like Groupon where your competition may be active




If it appears they’ve been successful find the way to model that success


And craft a better offer – even if only a slightly improvement on it


Attracting your ideal customer… right when THEY want YOU



Right Audience + Right Message + Right Time = SUCCESS


The main difference between our system and the old-school methods of lead generation;


Canvassing door to door, tele-marketing, direct-mail, local television and radio…


Is that we are no longer putting our promotions in front of a VERY high percentage of people that are NOT currently looking for your services with a vague offer, in the hope it appeals to someone


These old outbound marketing strategies become increasing less effective as people get better at blocking out these interruptions.


“Yankelovich, a market research firm, estimates that a person living in a city 30 years ago saw up to 2,000 ad messages a day, compared with up to 5,000 today”https://www.nytimes.com/2007/01/15/business/media/15everywhere.html

So now we now we can reach people at the right time


We just need the right message


Where a lot of online marketing campaigns fail (and where you can gain an advantage) is that they overlook the main reason people are doing these searches


And that is:


They have a problem and are actively looking for a solution


Today your prospects have virtually unlimited options that are only a click away.


So how do you get their attention, keep it and win business over your competition?


Rather than just running an advert shouting about how successful your business is


We want to offer something that will help begin to solve their problems


If you can give somebody searching for your services the answers they are looking for you begin can get their attention, begin a conversation, establish yourself as an authority and begin to build trust


These days competing on price alone will not be enough to feed growth.


So the most important questions you should be asking in your business.


How can I help?


Give Value First


Finding out how you can help and then delivering that to your ideal client at their first initial point of inquiry will put you head and shoulder above your competition


By educating and giving value to your prospects you will begin the journey you will take a prospect on from where they don’t know who you are to becoming an actual customer.


So what does this look like?


Remember people don’t care about the features of your service they only care about how it solves their ‘problem’


Examples of offers that contractors offer value first are:


Free estimates

Free quotes

Free inspections

Pricing Calculators

PDF Guides (Educational material for longer buyer process services)


Try and put yourself in the mind of somebody searching for your services


Some sales cycles are a lot longer


The Buyers Journey 


Think hiring an emergency plumber, over hiring a house remodeling contractor


One deals with a problem that needs fixing NOW


The other a luxury that needs serious consideration as there are other options like simply moving using the banks money and moving home


Rather than using savings on a project that will cause many weeks of inconvenience!


What could you offer NOW that they can engage with and go on to become a client


even if there is a longer buyers journey from initial inquiry to hiring you.




Basing it on the service it may look like these:


If they need you NOW (Eg Emergency plumbing services) – Offer a NO Call out charge


If it’s a research/consideration stage inquiry you may want to offer the inspection


If they will use you this week (Eg Landscaper) – Offer FREE quote & Discounted lawn mowing)


A good example of a longer buyer journey is for Kitchen Renovation companies where a prospect may be 6 months away from making a decision


They may be considering whether or not to go ahead and are still looking for answers to questions like “How long does a remodeling take”, “Can I still live in the house” etc


In this example you get to skip the queue of potential competition down the line by answering questions before they have even asked them, educating them in the process and subsequently building trust and establishing yourself as THE authority


This example also gives you the opportunity to grab a contact name and email address so that you may nurture the lead in the background through the use of email autoresponders and retargeting adverts


So when they come to make the decision to remodel it is you they chose, who they now know like and trust


Over a competitor who can only compete on price.




So now you have everything set up let’s put it all together and break down what our CLG System actually is and how it works


This is a system we have perfected over time and now once set will reliably and consistently generate qualified leads for contractors



Target Ideal Customer


This customer acquisition system automatically pulls prospects into the top of our funnel with Google ads targeting our ideal client through the carefully selected keysearch terms




We use the high converting advert template to get the highest possible click through rate




The advert then directs the prospect to landing page, which is closely message matched where they are presented with the offer




If they convert and either call or submit a contact form we will instantly notify the contractor




For our clients we use a call tracking number so that we can track the success of our campaigns




If it’s an email optin or contact form submission we like to email both the contractor and prospect to notify both that an inquiry has been made or email captured



We usually like to send the prospect through to a thank you page where they receive another limited time offer or bribe to call in then and there




This is where A LOT of marketing campaigns fail


IF you are overlooking this, NO MATTER how many leads you get you will not get an ROI


The most critical component of any lead gen campaign is how fast your sales person responds to a lead coming in


As you can see in this basic example of a landscaping firm on the front end we offer a free estimate


At the thank you page rather than just saying “thanks you someone will be in touch”


We make an offer of a discounted additional service IF they call in and confirm an appointment then and there


Not only that but we like to send SMS & email reminders to both sides (our clients AND their prospect) to encourage that call.


If you use Clickfunnels you see there are tools to automate this notifications as soon as a lead enters their details.


This keeps the conversion rate as high as possible


Insidesales.com releases a study a few years ago that said

  1. “The odds of calling to contact a lead decrease by over 10 timesin the 1st hour. The odds of calling to qualify a lead decrease by over 6 times in the 1st hour. After 20 hours every additional dial your salespeople make actually hurts your ability to make contact to qualify a lead.
  1. The odds of contacting a lead if called in 5 minutesversu30 minutes drop 100 times. The odds of qualifying a lead if called in 5 minutes versus 30 minutes drop 21 times.”





BOTTOM LINE you need to call in the first 5 minutes


Our system is designed to make sure this happens!


Use Call Tracking

Call Tracking is vital in evaluating the success or failure of a campaign.


Software like Call Rail  allows you to see how many calls you receive what keywords generated the calls


And from the length of the call you can gauge the quality of the lead


We use Call Rail to track our calls.




Then to further increase our conversion rates and reduce our cost per acquisition overall we also use retargeting adverts


If a website visitor doesn’t convert first time we cookie their browser with a facebook and google adverts pixel


We can follow them around the web pretty much anywhere they go online, I’m sure by now you’ve experienced this errie technique when you’ve been looking at an item on Amazon and then wherever you go it appears..


You check the news, theres an advert for it… you check what your friends are doing on Facebook and its there again


With retargeting we can display an advert with a message tailored to you website visitors ONLY 


And display Adverts that very very specifically suit match their level of interest based on their interaction with us so far





This puts our brand in front of them, gently reminding them about us


We can show ads to remind them what we offer, push further features and/or benefits,


Each time inviting them to come back


Here’s an example from last month showing just how good it works:



5 Kitchen remodeling quote requests for only $22.88 each!


This screen print is from one of the retargeting platforms we use and as you can see it is VERY effective in keeping our clients company in front of website visitors that leave the site without making a booking…


bringing them back to the site and converting them when they ARE ready to book


We can even show them a more attractive offer to entice them to become a client


For longer sales cycle services we can enter their email addresses into an autoresponder to further nurture the lead to point of making an inquiry




So now you have the complete system


You’ve done your keyword research, crafted a great offer and setup your ads and landings pages


Setup your notification systems, call tracking numbers, retargeting and lead nurturing


With all this in place


You can now simply increase or decrease your Adspend and have as many or as few inquiries as you NEED or WANT


EACH and EVERY month


Reliably. Consistantly. And Sustainably


You now have complete control over your business and NEVER have to rely on referrals, word of mouth or ANY third parties again!


So theres only 1 more important question now:


Will you scale your business up and expand… Or relax knowing you can have as much or a little work as you want and take more time off to enjoy with your family?


I hope you found this article useful if you need ANY help implementing anything in this guide please feel free to contact me at aaron@kitchenrenovationmarketing.com



Wanna save the time and risk of any mistakes and have US set this system up for YOU?

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