Are you making these mistakes with your Kitchen Renovation Adwords Campaign

WARNING: 100% of businesses we looked at were!



Are your spending money on Google Adwords ONLY for your Kitchen Renovation website turning potential clients away? Maybe even sending them straight to your competitors?



Today I was doing some research for a Kitchen Renovation client in the UK using the search engine



I typed in “Kitchen Renovation London” & “Kitchen Remodeling London” expecting to find some great examples of adverts and landing pages from the most successful companies advertising in this space in London using Adwords





I didn’t have to go past the first page in either search to see people are making the same mistakes in EVERY CASE



They are ARE spending too much on ads, wasting money and losing potential clients



IN FACT 6 out of the 7 results were making mistakes that would be costing them money and business so I thought I would put this quick post together to make sure you aren’t making these same mistakes.



(The 7th result was a Podcast that I didn’t look at !)





Landing Pages

Although ads now account for 64.6% of all clicks by searchers – according to the adverts themselves are not the subject of this quick post


Instead we will be looking at the landing pages these businesses are spending time, effort and MONEY to send them to.



In a previous article we wrote about common mistakes Kitchen Renovation contractors make with their websites. (You can read that HERE) although in this article I’ll be talking more about the specific page we will send our traffic to after clicking an advert.



When using paid advertising we need to send traffic from adverts to bespoke landing pages


They need to be specific to the keyword, the message of the advert and also the stage of the buyers journey someone searching will be



We need to make sure that the landing page follows the buyers journey, that it is to say someone typing “Kitchen renovation London” is most probably at the research stage of the buyers process



They are most probably looking for ideas of potential companies in their local area that can provide the service, with view to find out more about their company, service, fittings, price etc.



The key search term will reflect their level of interest



From the search results, they will then click an advert that offers to give them what they need – in this case, more information



Therefore the landing page they arrive at needs to optimized so that when they read the advert and decide to click through



That they find whatever it is they expected to find on the other side



For example



Someone clicks an advert that says “Kitchen Renovation London – Instant FREE Quote”


They are probably looking for an instant free quote on a kitchen renovation in London, right?



Now imagine now if when they click the advert they get sent to the company’s homepage



Just a normal homepage, with logo, maybe a picture of a nice new Kitchen, no titles and just some menu options at the top to click to



Maybe a phone number



Who’s got the patience to start hunting around the site for what they were promised?



They will probably click back and look somewhere else.



This will not only hurt the business owner immediately by losing the potential client



but will also have a negative effect on the Adwords campaign in the long run as Google’s algorithm will eventually identify this is a low-quality landing page in terms of user experience



award it a lower quality score which will mean the ad gets shown in a lower position next time around, gets clicked through less and push the cost per click up.


To achieve and maintain a high-quality score we need to work on both sides in Google AdWords campaign, the advert itself and the landing page not only optimized to first get the click but they must be relevant to each other in order to get the conversion.



Conversion optimization



Once a visitor arrives at the landing page



and they find themselves in the right place



we then need to make sure the page then helps them to continue their buyer’s journey



I have written at length about the buyer’s journey with a huge purchase like a Kitchen Renovation/Remodeling HERE



But the key points are if someone searches a keyword with buyer intent like



“Book Kitchen Remodel Consultation London”



We want to send them to a page with a clearly labeled booking form with a strong call to action ABOVE THE ‘FOLD’ – (See below)


So that they take action immediately and ‘convert’



If they were to type a keyword we would put in the research category like



“How long does kitchen remodeling take”



We want to send them to a landing page with a clear lead capture form offering a lead magnet giving them information in exchange for contact details



Then we can continue to nurture that lead walking them through their buyer’s journey in the background until a few weeks perhaps months later when they are ready to make the big decision to book the remodeling



During this time they will have received all the information they require to make this BIG decision from you



They will come to see you as a trusted advisor, feel like they know like and trust you and your company



When the time is right instead of shopping around on price and potentially hiring a stranger.



It will be you they call and convert



The Fold



A quick note about the “The fold” as you’ll see in the examples it also plays an important role.



is an old printing term we used to describe the very bottom of the visible part of a landing page BEFORE you have to scroll down.



This is the most important part of the landing page



ALL the most important information must be above the fold



A visitor must instantly know:



– Who you are

– What you offer

– Why they must act now

– What action to take


Exit Options



Whilst on the subject of landing page layouts another important thing is that landing pages for paid adverts shouldn’t have navigation links



They provide additional options for the visitor to click and exit your page WITHOUT CONVERTING



It’s a waste to spend money ads and give your visitors the option to escape



As we’ve discussed adverts and landing pages should be set up for a specific message, offer and call to action



Get rid of ANY unnecessary options and distractions



Kitchen Renovation Company Adword’s Mistakes



OK so now we have established the two most important factors:



Matching the message of the advert to the landing page



And optimizing the landing page to continue the offer made in the advert and help continue the visitor’s buyers journey



With those elements in mind, let’s analyze two landing pages and their corresponding ads to explain what’s right and what’s wrong as far as the ad and landing page are concerned.






In this particular search, Google delivered 7 paid search results although as I said earlier one was for a Podcast which I didn’t look at



So here they are in order



(I have taken a screenshot of the landing page in each case above the fold)



We’ll look at the advert and then compare with the landing page







This was the best example as the landing page clearly matches the offer of providing a new kitchen calculator



But there were some factors that we felt were handicapping this campaign



There is a huge menu bar with many options



There is only a short heading “Instant Online Quote” which doesn’t match the ad exactly.



Although you could keep it we would suggest they added a larger heading that closely matched the advert:



“New Kitchen Cost Calculator”



There is also no benefit statement or call to action given to reinforce why someone would take action and convert NOW



We would suggest modifying the sub-headline to follow on again from the advert, something like:



“Planning A Kitchen Renovation? Take 2 Minutes To Fill Our Form & Get An Instant Online Quote”








This next one came up in the second position but we felt this was particularly weak



Nothing in the advert matches



There’s no headline, benefit statement or really any offer or call to action



There’s a weak tagline but nothing else to say its:



“Kitchen Renovation [High End]



Nothing even to say it’s in London



There’s not really any call to action



No mention of anything in the advert:



“Free Quote”

“Free advice”

“Get a Quote”

“Book an Estimate”

“Free Design Consultation”



There are exit options



Only a chat option or the little yellow button to push that may or may not give you more information







This one came up third



I screen-shotted the entire page to show just how bad this one was




As indicated on the drawing there’s literally no information here about the business



Who they are

What’s on offer

What to do next

Or why you’d do it



This one is a real waste of money



I will email them soon as I finish writing this post!





This was quite a nice looking website but far too many distractions and exit options



And again no headline matching the advert, no USP, no benefit statement, no offer and no call to action as to what to do next



This was quite a nice looking website but far too many distractions and exit options



And again no headline matching the advert, no USP, no benefit statement, no offer and no call to action as to what to do next






This simple site didn’t match the advert but least had some headlines and taglines



Although they were badly positioned and sized



The images in this one were also not really very descriptive of whats on offer



There is no call to action or lead capture as in most of the other examples



In this case, we just draw on where if we were to redesign this we would include either lead capture opt-in form for a lead magnet or indeed a booking form






This example came closest to being the sort of thing we want to see



Although it’s missing the matching headline and the exit options should be removed



I feel this page would convert if there was clearer offer aimed at someone at a specific phase of the buyer’s journey,



That offer described in the title and matched to the ad



There was a clearer call to action above the form



And the form itself was a bit clearer with a brighter button


So the take away from this:


  • Run adverts with a clear offer in mind targeted at a specific stage of a potential customers buyer’s journey
  • Aim for a high-quality score by matching the message with the landing page
  • Optimize your landing page with the necessary elements and remove anything unnecessary
  • Keep buyers journey in mind and either offer to ‘book now’ or a lead magnet that will capture the potential client’s details as a lead that can be nurtured in the background


And finally



I hope you found this useful. If you want our team to have a look at any Adwords/Bing PPC campaign you are currently running please feel free to drop me a message at and I’ll be happy to have a look. No cost.

Wanna watch a video we made that explains this better?

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