Your Competition Are Doing “This” To Win Kitchen Renovation Contracts


The first time someone visits your site, the chances are they won’t book a consultation then and there, in fact only 3 – 5% of people visiting a website are ready buy.


We know that people are doing nearly all their purchase research online for almost any purchase


In our space a potential client may spend months looking online at kitchen designs and researching the process before even walking into a show room.


So to take advantage of this behavior (people visiting your site looking for information but not booking) we use a lead magnet


We go into it more in this article “More Leads From Your Website Today With Lead Magnets” but to summarize a lead magnet is something that you offer your potential audience, your target market in exchange for their contact information.  At that point, they change from being a visitor to becoming a lead


A ‘lead’ being someone you have contact details for AND most importantly permission to follow up with.


Using a lead magnet to capture leads in the research phase means unlike the vast majority of kitchen renovation company websites you now have a way to engage the 95 – 97% of website visitors that aren’t ready to buy today but may well go on to purchase later.


We can even nurture this new lead completely effortlessly on auto-pilot using an autoresponder.


If your NOT using a lead magnet you are losing out on potential business…


AND  probably losing that business to your competition


So, what are you competition using?


OK, now that you know you need a lead magnet let’s dive into the lead magnet used by your competition, the good, bad and ugly!




If you are still trying to capture emails by offering them the “opportunity” to join your mailing list – Plain and simple you’re doing it wrong!


There is very little perceived value in signing up to receive news and offers


This isn’t a lead magnet


nah, me neither




The goal of a lead magnet is to move top of funnel prospects, those people still in the research phase towards making the decision to remodel


And more importantly to remodel with you!


We see a lot of kitchen renovation companies only catering to bottom of funnel visitors. The people already close to making a decision. It is important of course for them to be able to contact you and you to include these calls to action


BUT only 3 -5% of people will take this action


Here’s a nicely laid out website but unfortunately will only convert those almost ready to remodel and most probably just shopping around on price


This is an important point; imagine if you could capture the attention of a potential customer before they started speaking with your competition, and you gave them all the information they needed to make the decision to remodel and not only that but you built a relationship with them…


When they come to book their renovation who will they hire, a stranger that offers the cheapest deal or you who they know liek and trust?!



This is a nicely laid out optin form and if it were used to deliver an educational lead magnet I have no doubt it would convert very well and generate A LOT of leads


This example is another bottom of funnel offer


I also wanted to point out that this site has been badly laid out which you need to keep in mind. As we discussed in our “9 Common Mistakes in Kitchen Renovation Websites That Will Hurt Your Bottom Line” post the offer is below the fold


Here’s the full banner that was cut off for a  “Free Consultation”


Again you can see it is really only relevant to someone close to making the decision to remodel.


We all know a consultation is a sales appointment and we all know filling out the form will result in telephone and email follow ups.


The majority of our 95-97% in the research phase aren’t looking to speaking with anyone just yet


The same thing applied to those offering “Free Quotes”


Here’s a couple examples:


This isn’t a bad site but ONLY speaks to those to ready to buy now



Alongside the “Get a quote” offer this site also offers a brochure – The brochure call to action is not as clear as it could be and is disconnected from the benefit statement



Here’s a slightly better example and actually a fairly well laid out site with USPs, benefit statements and a nicely laid out optin form


BUT its missing a good educational lead magnet – This would have a massive positive impact on the lead this site generated!




Wait, the “Free Quote” again?


Yes, but this is a very clever take on it.


The “Instant Online Quote”, “Take(s) less than 2 minutes to complete” is great because it completely removes that fear of having to talk to anyone


And then then nuisance of being relentlessly followed up by that sales person when you’re still not 100% sure you will go ahead


With the friction removed this form would still convert well and get an Optin from those in the research phase



The other great thing about this as a lead magnet is that you can pre-qualify your leads


Look at the form below:



The visitor will not only have to leave their email in order to get their quote but also complete all that information and do so correctly


Based on their answers you can then segregate the lead into how valuable they would be to you! Saving you any unnecessary effort down the line and letting you focus your energy on potentially high value customers


The only problem with this type of lead magnet is that there would unavoidably be some programming involved to set up the calculator, deliver the results whilst capturing and organizing the information you need.


The Educational PDF download


In our opinion the easiest and most effective lead magnet to create and implement


The best part about educational lead magnets is that they position you as the authority in your area in this industry. People will remember where they first learned something, so educating them is a really great way to build brand awareness and credibility


By answering their question before they have to ask you will already provide them some value kick starting the relationship with them


And by doing this via email when your automated lead generation emails start arriving they will be open to them – seeing you as the welcome guest


Something like this usually works well



Before we look at ideas for your lead magnets I just wanted to highlight a further opportunity for you that so many websites miss:


The ‘Thank You’ page



Most websites will probably redirect to a page that simply says “Thank you, your PDF is on the way”


In the example above they have taken the opportunity to make a further offer that will speak to people further down the funnel by offering a “complimentary discovery call”


This is obviously a sales call but offered very gently but may help boost conversions


Lead Magnet Ideas


Let’s take a look at some lead magnet examples for kitchen remodeling contractors…


You’ll see a lot of the ideas could be delivered in different formats just by tweaking the title and how you will display the content slightly


Guides, Checklists & Cheat Sheets

  • 10 Things You Must Know Before Speaking With ANYONE About a Kitchen Renovation
  • A Short Guide to Planning a New Kitchen
  • 84 Costs To Consider When Planning A Remodeling
  • 7 Common Missteps When Planning a New Kitchen
  • The 7 Must-Ask Questions for Finding The Right Sub-Contractor
  • 3 Guidelines For An Inspired Kitchen Remodeling Project
  • 10 Simple Steps to Your Dream Kitchen
  • 7 Steps To A Stress Free Remodel

These lead magnets are probably the easiest to make and easiest for the potential lead to digest



  • Free Online Quote


We saw earlier that although perhaps difficult / costly to setup they are effective lead generation tools and help not only move a prospect through the funnel but also help pre-qualify the leads generated from it.



  • Which Kitchen Design Trend Should You Try?
  • Which Kitchen fits your lifestyle
  • Which Kitchen Design Would Add Most Value To Your Home


Quizzes are fun and easily engaged with. Not only that but they are fairly easy to set up with software like


Not only do they convert well but also let you pre-qualify leads throughs the questions you ask.



  • Online Kitchen Design Software


For contractors that fit a limited range of kitchens an online design tool that lets the user choose design, colours and material etc


Although perhaps initially complicated and maybe expensive to program will not only save time at the design stage later but also help with conversions by letting the lead see design without having to come in for a consultation, removing any doubt of the final result and also making them feel invested in the project from early on.


Free Services Offer

  • FREE 3D Rendering Of Your Project
  • FREE  One-Hour Brainstorming Design Session


Free services are are a doubled ended sword – Of course they will have a cost attached to you to earn the lead


BUT that lead will be quickly pushed through your sales funnel and in the examples above brought through the doors of your showroom or at the very least put face to face with your team.



Your competition are doing “this” to win Kitchen renovation contracts – “this” being engaging potential clients before they have even requested a serious quote through the use of lead magnet.

I hope you have found this guide helpful, please feel free to email me at if you need any help setting this up.


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