Referrals From Every Kitchen Remodeling Project



We work with a lot of kitchen renovation and remodeling companies and understand a lot have been burnt by digital marketing and buying leads from the Big-name brokers like HomeAdvisor


What we’ve found is most prefer to rely instead on word of mouth marketing and referrals as the biggest source of new business


Whilst there is nothing wrong with this, waiting for a third party to bring you new business is not always very reliable or sustainable option


What you need is a proactive system to push the process along


We’ve pulled together this quick and very simple 8 step plan together to help you get more referrals from every Subdivision your team visit


By being proactive


(This plan does of course require your client’s prior permission which as part of a fair referral scheme shouldn’t be a problem)


Let’s get straight


  1. Take ‘before’ photos at start of the job


  1. Do a great Job!


  1. Take ‘after’ photos


  1. Collect a written testimonial endorsing your work and the experience


BONUS TIP: Take an Ipad with you and ask them to do give you a testimonial on the spot to save any delays, and whilst at it ask them to leave 5 start reviews on all you social media and industry directory sites then and there!


  1. Take a photo of them outside their address with your company yard sign


  1. Take all these components and add them to our Postcard template





You can get our template by clicking the link below and editing it online on this free software


  1. Get the cards printed and then drop them off to EVERY house in the Subdivision


  1. Take on new business, pay referral fees and repeat!




We hope you found this quick tactic helpful. Please let us know! And of course, if you have any tactics you want to share please do.


If you want our template (it is VERY easy to edit in,  which is completely free to use) please click the link below to swipe it

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