Retargeting Ads for Kitchen Remodelers


The first time someone visits your site, the chances are they won’t book a consultation then and there.


In fact generally speaking across almost every industry the percentage of people visiting a website ready to purchase WHATEVER is on offer is usually ONLY 3 -5%


In our industry where a Kitchen Remodel will cost the home owner approximately 5 – 10% of the home value the chances are high that they are still looking to answer the question :

“Is It Wiser to Renovate or Buy a New House?”

With some money things to consider not least the inconvenience of living without a kitchen, having to temporarily relocate or having to spend their savings


Against moving to a ready to live in bigger better equipped house using the banks money


They will take their time to make this BIG decision


Compare your services with your competitors


IN FACT 97% of potential buyers will research 3 to 5 contractor companies online before hiring a contractor

Retargeting Adverts

The premise behind retargeted ad campaigns is pretty simple.


Rather than losing a potential lead after they visit your website the first time we follow up with them using adverts displayed only to them with a message tailored to bring them back


So after someone leaves your website and later goes to their favorite blog, new channel Facebook or practically ANY other website they browse


They will see a display ad for your brand and your services.



Selling high ticket items like a $30,000 Kitchen Remodeling inherently requires an enormous amount of TRUST


This takes time and multiple touch points throughout the buyer process


The addition of a retargeting campaign consistently leads to a dramatic increase in business by allowing us to establish ourselves as a trustable brand by building a digital relationship with them through creating multiple touch points



Retargeting adverts keep your company in front of potential buyers during the buyer journey


As they go from being aware they want to remodel initially to answer all the questions and concerns they have until they are at the point of purchase



Why do people leave your website with taking any action?


Actually theres a million different reasons people leave the website


Although NOT everyone is ready to buy now – It definitely doesn’t mean this is bad traffic


The phone may have rung, the doorbell went,  their kids needed attention…


You get the idea


What if you made no effort to re-engage them?


Well chances are you would not see them again and lose their business to your competitors


So, IF you’re not retargeting you’re missing a BIG opportunity


By retargeting we can: –

  • We can keep our brand in front of them eerily WHERE EVER they go


  • Stay top of mind


  • Be Number 1 in their eyes when they come to make a decision


You’ve already spent money, time & energy creating awareness getting traffic to your website or Facebook page


Your efforts actually got them to interact with your site


You’ve already done the heavy lifting!


Why not convert more of the 95 that didn’t do what you wanted them to?



Retargeting’ will do EXACTLY that  


We can use retarget to get FAR MORE out of your current marketing efforts  


Remarketing is essential to making more sales.


So what does this look like?


Think back to the last time you visited Amazon or your favorite online retailers



And then….



Whether you were just browsing, researching or buying, you had already been exposed to this expert tactic


Later, you may have visited Google, Facebook or another of your favorite sites and saw an ad from that exact same retailer



In a banner ad on your screen


After seeing the ads appear in 3-4 different places you might have even clicked the banner, been brought back to the shopping cart and made a purchase


You might have even clicked the banner, been brought back to the shopping cart and made a purchase!


Here’s how it works…

 Image Courtesy of Adroll


Using a small snippet of coding placed on every page of your website every visitor to your site is tagged with a tracking script called a ‘cookie’



Tailored to our target audience based on their behavior and engagement on our site or Facebook page


To set up a retargeting campaign, a pixel gets installed on your website that tracks visitors via cookies on the visitors web browser and begins to build an audience.



An ad exchange is then used to serve display ads to your traffic as they visit other websites.


As these cookie’d potential buyers continue to surf the internet, selected ads will follow them wherever they go.



When they go to their favorite news site, check the weather, go to their favorite blog or even browse their Facebook news food   We can now show them a banner ad tailored to their previous engagement with us


Right message, to the right person, at the right time


So now with retargeting setup every visitor to to your website will have a cookie attached to their browser,  leaving a trail directly to YOUR business


We retarget ONLY those people that have shown interest in our services depending on their original level of engagement with us



Based on what pages they visited, forms they completed or abandoned


We then simply design our retargeting advertisement specifically for these people and tailor our message to continue the conversation:-

  • Reminding them of our brand and services and keeping us in the prospect’s mind


  • Show them case studies, testimonials, before and after shots or time lapse videos to building trust


  • Show them more features and benefits of a particular Kitchen or service



ALL with the goal of nurturing the potential client through to the decision stage of the buyer process and to the point of sale



So when they have made long hard decision to go with the kitchen renovation OVER moving house and the finances have been arranged


It will be YOUR business THEY hire

So, What do retargeted display ads cost?


You are probably expecting this advance tactic favoured by the GIANTS online like Amazon & Ebay to be incredibly expensive


But you’d be wrong


The reality is that retargeted display ads are actually very affordable as they are so finely targeted


Retargeting ads are among the most cost effective and have a VERY high conversion rate!


On average it costs around $10.00 for 1,000 impressions (an impression is when an advert is shown)


To put this into perspective


If we cookie 50 unique visitors to your site it will only cost $10.00 to show each of them your ad retargeting ad 20 different times.   If you are already investing in a PPC or SEO campaign the addition of retargeting ads should be a no brainer


Consider Google Adwords where one click for “Kitchen Renovation Company” can cost about $10.00.


If you invest $1,000 and buy 100 clicks (traffic to your website)   for another $100.00 you can show your ad to those same visitors 10,000 times!


NOT only that


60% of people say they notice retargeted ads from brands they have already visited


The average click thru rate on retargeted ads is 10X greater than traditional display ads


Website visitors who return via retargeted ads are 70% more likely to convert into a lead on your website than there first visit!


Now, of the 95 people who didn’t give you the intended result in the first place…


You are able to convert even more of them to clients for FAR LESS MONEY!


Retargeting ads are among the most cost effective methods of paid advertising available


With a VERY high conversion rate!


If you’re serious about taking your business to the next level, you need to start thinking about how you interact, engage and FOLLOW UP with these potential customers.

Wanna watch a video we made that explains this better?

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