Why Your Kitchen Remodeling Prospects Like Your Competiton More Than You


If you are selling ANYTHING using online marketing in 2018, you need a sales funnel.


It’s really that simple.


Kitchen Remodeling companies face unique challenges when it comes to marketing and sales online due to the cost of their services


A sales funnel then is, without doubt, the single most important piece of any online marketing campaign


But they are often overlooked.


What is a sales funnel?

A sales funnel is based around a purpose-built website designed to take visitors on an automated journey


It attracts prospects at the top of the funnel using digital marketing (SEO, content marketing, paid advertising etc)


Offers them value up front to capture a lead and begin a relationship


Nurtures that lead automatically in the background


And then


Converts that lead to a sale


Mapped out, a sales funnel for a Kitchen Remodelling company should look something like this:





“I already have a website. Why use a sales funnel?”


Most contractors will build a website, perhaps search engine optimize it and even run paid ads to it but will do this with the wrong mindset.


We all like getting sales but to get there when we’re offering a very high ticket service like a kitchen renovation takes a lot of work and isn’t as easy as sending some traffic to a website


As only 5 – 7 % of website visitors are ready to ‘Buy Now’


The traditional ‘brochure’ or ‘business card’ websites that we still see most contractors use


Are basically just a portfolio with contact details buried in them somewhere that just say


“here we are, look at us”


What happens in most cases then?


What happens when a visitor arrives at one of these websites looking and for information and aren’t ready to buy right now?


Nothing. They just leave. You probably even paid for that visit, and they just left.


A sales funnel is a website designed purely to collect leads no matter if they’re ready to buy or not.


And says:


“come on in and give us your contact information so one of our professional team can solve your problems!”


A sales funnel is designed to attract their attention, engage with them, capturing their information and earning the right to market to them.


You NEED a sales funnel


In this post we’ll look at the reason why you are losing out to your competition if you don’t have one:

1. Your potential clients will go to whoever has the solution to their problem


95% of the time sales coming through your website will involve initially taking someone’s email address


Remodeling a home, kitchen or bathroom is a major investment so people will spend more time and effort in the research and planning stages before they are ready to buy.


They will be looking for answers to the sort of question someone considering a remodeling will have like


“is it better/easier/cheaper to move house or remodel my existing kitchen?”

A longer sales cycle means more time to research the competition

So rather than just putting a website up with contact details for someone to call and give you 5 figures  + of their money


we need to build something a little more complicated that will engage with people at any stage of this ‘buyer journey’


A sales funnel allows you to answer these questions, capture and then nurture leads into customers over time.


To put it simply, it provides you with the sophisticated sales process you need to convert modern consumers.


2.The Buyers Journey IS NOT short (95 – 97% of the time)


So by now you can see that the majority of people who come to your website are not YET ready to buy


And in fact will be at any one of three stages of a buyers journey that ALL customers WILL go through before handing you their credit card




Awareness – Unhappy with their house and looking for a way to improve it / looking to increase value to sell

Consideration – Identified kitchen / bath remodeling and looking at suppliers/materials/costs/time frames.

Perhaps unsure whether to use their own savings and remodel or use banks money and move

Decision – Will remodel Kitchen/Bath shopping between suppliers


A sales funnel then walks your prospect through the buyer’s journey they will go through on the way to becoming a customer.


So how do we that?


We do this by giving them value for free, up front


Going back to the stages of the buyer’s journey your potential client at each stage will have certain questions that need answering.


If we can answer these questions for them – wouldn’t it be worth their email address and permission to send them the answer and stay in contact?


Of course, it is


So at the top of our sales funnel we can build a landing page that will offer these answers in form of a PDF guide they can download in exchange for their email.


that people in the awareness and consideration stages will be sent to


There are ways to accurately segregate traffic so that they arrive at a highly relevant landing page


These include a choice of keywords in Google Adwords, Youtube, SEO and by our Ad copy in Facebook etc but this is a subject in and of itself


3.Build trust and nurture leads on Auto-pilot


Once you have a prospects email address AND permission to contact them


You can continue to give them value and keep your brand on the top of mind


Now when they reach the decision stage of the buyer’s journey you will be the natural choice over your competition who can only compete on price

People buy from people they know like and trust


A sales funnel allows you to stay in touch during the decision-making process fully on autopilot


Using an autoresponder, a piece of software you can connect to your sales funnel (more about them HERE) you can send an automated series of emails as soon as someone opts in at your landing page


You can continually send more valuable information about their upcoming project


Answer more questions before they even have them


Introduce them to you, your team, your processes


Share case studies, before and after pictures etc


They will begin to see and treat you like a welcomed guest and actually feel like they know you


And with it, come to like and trust you


It will be a no-brainer to chose you to work with when the time comes


4. Continually build your list


“The money is in the list”:


Is a common online marketing slogan


And for good reason


Email has the highest ROI of any marketing method and quoted as being 40 times more effective for client acquisition than the big social media platforms


You should always be building an email list, prospects, past clients and even current clients (with second or third homes) could all potentially need your services


Or refer you someone that does


Emails drive new business – keep building your list and stay in touch with them regularly


Again a core principle of our sales funnel is lead capture

5. Increase Lifetime value of a client


As we just saw by building a list we can not only nurture potential clients


We can also attract referrals


We can also get even more value from current or past clients through our emails


AND also retargeting adverts (more about those HERE)


Rather than being the end of the story


With a sales funnel, we can continue to build the relationship and get customers to return for up-sales, additional services or even for their next kitchen renovation


By retaining these customers for years to come you will exponentially increase the lifetime value of your customers.




Sales funnels are critical to online marketing success in 2018


They allow you to attract and engage potential clients BEFORE there are even ready to buy


Allow you to nurture a lead completely automatically up to the point of sale


Establish you as an authority, getting a potential client to know, like and trust you without even having to speak with them!


Require minimal maintenance once setup – allowing you to focus on delivering your service


Provide a sales and marketing system that will run 24/7 and bring a consistent and reliable source of inquiries – even while you sleep


Increase the lifetime value of a client – once you’ve done the hard work of earning a customer, you can keep that customer for life.


If you want more sales, you need more prospects to KNOW, LIKE and TRUST YOU


If you want to do that on autopilot you NEED a sales funnel


If you don’t have one, you are losing out to your competition that DOES

Are YOU Losing 97% Of Potential Business To Your Competition?

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